The pre-construction phase is an integral part of investing in a pre-construction development. There are hundreds of construction managers handling various pre-construction projects in Miami, today.

The work of the construction manager is to develop site logistics and identify potential pitfalls that need to be addressed preemptively during the pre-construction phase versus reactively in the construction stage. This strategy helps reduce scheduling impacts to the condo investor.

The pre-construction phase is key to suctioning the right subcontractors suitable for each phase.  Retaining the services of experienced pre-construction experts will help you:


Get more value for your money

Working with a certified, experienced contractor who has established an efficient process, set high standards and inserted the right controls, will result in cost savings that will be passed back to you. Effective pre-construction procedures harmonize the building trades and suppliers early in the construction project, so as to reduce scheduling conflicts and establish productive project sequencing.

Meaning, with the right strategies and project management tools, the project manager can identify gaps in the scope of work and address them beforehand. For example, a well-constructed pre-construction foundation is great for a longer project. Apart from getting good value for your money, a well-organized construction firm in Miami that handles pre-construction projects flawlessly can resolve operational and design issues more quickly, which often leads to happier, more satisfied clients.


Vital Elements of a Pre-construction process

Before a pre-construction process kicks off, it is essential to conduct initial due-diligence, which permits environmental assessment tasks. Next, a clear logistics plan should be established to outline the schedule and sequence of workflows. The specific flow of delivery routes, equipment, materials, and storage units or areas should be all incorporated in the logistics plan.

The other key elements of a pre-construction process are value engineering and constructability analysis. In fact, these components should remain part and parcel of the entire pre-construction phase to assure you that you’re getting the most value from your condo investment. Subcontracts should be issued to the lowest bidders, once the bidding process is complete. Compliance with the project schedule by commencing the submittal process for long lead items is vital upon the issuance of subcontracts.

Ultimately, an effectively implemented pre-construction process tremendously reduces adverse schedule impacts and unwarranted costs. Click here for more information on how to make your pre-construction buying process a whole lot easier.

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