One Thousand Museum Condos in Downtown Miami, Florida

The PWC Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2019 report lists Miami as one of the top 20  real estate markets to keep an eye on. The market trends indicate continual growth in the near future. Due to the deteriorating state of the Italian real estate market, and the proximity of Italy to Florida, Miami has become an excellent real estate location for Italians.

Top 3 reasons why you should invest in Miami

1.      Ideal location

Miami is a top international tourist attraction that offers refuge to many people looking to escape from colder climates. It neighbors Europe and the Caribbean. These two factors have made it one of the top go-to locations for people looking for second homes. Besides, there is a high number of South Americans that are migrating to South Florida increasing the demand for first-class homes in Miami.

2.      Availability of affordable properties and simple buying process

The Miami real estate market offers different financing options that make property acquisition affordable and easy. In addition, the favorable Euro to Dollar rate offers European investors an added advantage in the real estate market.

3.      Wide range of properties

Miami offers a diverse range of investment properties including condominiums, plots of land for future development, detached houses, residential properties, and commercial buildings.

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