Our comprehensive consulting package guides you through the process of making your real estate investment in Miami.

There are many differences between the American system (COMMON LAW) and the Italian system (ROMAN LAW). Our experts at FloridaDoc have experience with both systems. This makes them uniquely positioned to anticipate and address your concerns.

Our approach is consultative, we listen to your needs and turn them into opportunities, with competence and transparency.

In particular we will assist you, together with our partner tax and legal professionals, through the following choices and steps:

  • What is the best investment for you based of your budget and investment goals.
  • Who will pay for the property? A person or company.
  • Help incorporating a company for the buyer if needed.
  • Assist in getting access to financing.
  • Develop a commercial strategy aimed at attaining a higher yield on your investment.
  • Manage tax implications of the investment.
  • Manage legal aspects of the investment.
  • Acquire property Insurance.
  • Pick a financial institution of the buyer’s choice and the opening an account.
  • Restore and furnish the apartment as needed.
  • List and advertise the property in search for tenants.
  • Manage operations of the property.
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