Okan Tower is a new preconstruction condo tower in Downtown Miami, Florida offering luxury condo units, condo-hotel units and hotel units.

Okan Tower is a brand-new skyscraper building that will forever redefine the Miami skyline. The Okan Tower will be the tallest building downtown Miami and will also officially be the tallest skyscraper in all of Florida. The Okan Towers is a 70-story tall architectural wonder is a flower-shaped building that is intended to be the new centerpiece of downtown Miami.

Miami is a constantly-evolving story that will be ever-changing as the city is consistently home to new construction projects taken on by a variety of different builders. This specific project is a residential real estate project being taken on by Turkish billionaire Bekir Okan. The building will house 149 apartment units in addition to large amounts of both office and retail space. This will be Okan’s first real residential real estate foray in the Miami area.

The tower will have apartments that include four deluxe penthouse suites and a variety of both studios as well as one-and-two bedroom condo options that will range from 447 1,245 square feet in size. There will also be smarthome technology featured in each apartment and top-of-the-line appliances will be installed in each. There will also e some customizable features available for each unit so tenants can create the living space that suits their specific needs.

The Okan Tower will look completely different from anything that has ever been built in Miami before. The building will be completed with a striking curved-glass facade to design of the building which will look like a tulip (Okan chose this as it’s Turkey’s national flower… it’s a nod and homage to his home nation). The glass is also made of a special design which is made to reflect the natural light during the day like a giant mirror. At night, the glass will use built-in lighting to light up the building’s stiletto in the night. The tower will be able to be seen from more than 35 miles away, making it a massive presence in the Miami skyline, both day and night.

The groundbreaking on this colossal building is set to begin in the Fall of 2018. The Okan Tower will continue to develop both the skyline of Miami and the reputation Miami has for being a top destination for international real estate moguls to seek out when looking to build internationally. The building is also squared at the top to minimize the impact of high winds that may come in a hurricane. The base is also set up higher so that there is virtually no impact from potentially-rising sea levels in the future.

While the Okan Tower is not yet complete, you can expect it to add another amazing and internationally-inspired chapter to the ever-changing landscape that is the beautiful and diverse Miami skyline!