Real estate investments in Miami boomed in the eighties, and survived the mortgage crash two decades later; primarily due to the appeal of the area. Some describe Miami as “New York with palm trees”, and rightfully so. A tropical paradise, combined with city attractions and a high-end nightlife, Miami is a hotbed for celebrities, tourists, and a diverse culture. For the real estate investor, Miami is an ideal location for rental properties. 

     Miami invites a transient crowd that spans the rental market; corporate clientele, newcomers, world travelers, family members vacationing with the local residents, athletes, entertainers, and retirees. They are all seeking a prime piece of real estate that lives up to the Miami experience. Miami is home of the high-rise, but also boasts some of the most extravagant residential properties on the market. A mix of architectural styles and neighborhoods make an ideal landscape for builders and a real estate investor’s dream.

    From North Beach to South Beach, the possibilities are endless. From Fort Lauderdale to the Florida Keys, it’s a permanent vacation. The surrounding neighborhoods provide a luxurious retreat from the city, making a primary residence a home. These suburbs offer a tranquil and peaceful place to begin a family or enjoy your golden years. Miami offers the best of everything, from schools to shopping, museums to adventure parks, restaurants to clubs; there is such a tremendous variety of lifestyle accommodation in the area – you simply cannot go wrong. Living “The Salt Life” means you are living life well and reaping all the benefits of life by the ocean.

     The Miami-Dade area is a lucrative investment opportunity for either a primary residence or an investment property. There is something for everyone, the scenery is breathtaking, and you will never run out of things to do. For more reasons to choose Floridadoc to assist you in finding your best investment, your perfect sunset by the sea, or a condo with a view to die for; visit us at Floridadoc, check out our blog, or follow us on Twitter.  



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