Buying a home on Miami Beach is so much more than living the luxury of a beach lifestyle. Miami Beach is one of the best-known beach communities in the United States. It offers miles of seaside sand, amazing shopping, delectable dining, and fantastic ocean views. But there is so much more to inspire someone to join the Miami Beach lifestyle. Science, medicine, and your own body are telling you that it is time to move to Miami. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Just Say “Om”:

Stress is, perhaps, the major contributor to virtually every health problem that plagues humanity. After all, what doesn’t cause stress? Well, the beach. The beach doesn’t cause stress. As you dig your toes into the sand and turn your eyes toward that line where horizon and sea become indistinguishable, stress washes away with each turn of the tide. Positive ocean experiences are scientifically proven to reduce levels of anxiety, promote creativity and inspire feelings of compassion. This is what one scientist has come to call the “blue mind“.

2. Just Say “Move It!”: 

Beach living is filled with opportunity for a variety of outdoor activities. There is nothing retiring about retiring to Miami Beach. Sitting on the sofa is simply not an option. Fishing, sun worshipping, beach jogging, hikes on coastal paths, photography, people watching, shopping, thrilling nightlife, and the list goes on and on. Where health is concerned, movement is life. And life in Miami is good.

3. Just Say “Breathe”:

Breathing in deeply the delicious scent of sea air not only tickles your pleasure centers, it also clears the respiratory system. Breathe deep and live life fully-charged in Miami. Ocean-front living has long been a practical medical approach recommended by physicians to patients suffering from chronic respiratory ailments like asthma. Ocean air heals because it is filled with negatively charged hydrogen ions. These ions absorb oxygen and this helps to balance serotonin levels. The end result of seaside living is more energy and less depression.

4. Just Say “Strong”:

Of course, everyone wants to stay stocked up on sunscreen while at the beach. And while you are slathering on the SPF, content in the fact that you are protecting your skin, give yourself a pat on the back for one more reason. You are also building stronger bones. That’s right. Miami Beach living is stronger living. That’s because residents who live near fabulous beaches are more motivated to enjoy activities out-of-doors. And spending time in the sunshine, even when heavily coated in sunscreen, allows for a natural, healthy dose of vitamin D, the mainstay of a healthy immune system and strong bones.

5. Just Say “Salt Is Good”:

Although doctors advise minimizing salt intake for better health, salt immersion is an altogether different approach. No, this is not about immersing meals in tubs of salt. This is about immersing the human body in the healing environment of a body of salt water. Taking a dip in the ocean stimulates the immune response and boosts the circulatory system. Even better, since bodies of salt water are rich in magnesium, bathing in the sea promotes relaxation and contributes to better sleep. So paddle away and awaken every morning rejuvenated.

The wisest advice offered for any real estate investment is always location, location, location. Beachfront property has always been the most coveted location of all. And now we know why. Medical experts have explained the science behind the economics. If you have been thinking about purchasing a home in Miami, what are you waiting for? Not only do Miami residents enjoy some of the most luxurious lifestyle amenities, they also enjoy access to a natural element that helps them live longer and stronger. What’s not to love about that? To find your perfect Miami residence, partner with a real estate expert who knows all the magic of Miami.

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