Miami is the home to some of the most famed and celebrated architectural masterpieces. It is no wonder that the city is quickly becoming the most sort after real estate destination for international investors. Many foreign developers are flocking to invest due to the good prospects that the city offers. This has increased the demand for pre-construction condos services.


Acquiring a pre-construction Miami condo is, without doubt, a worthy investment. That said, getting the most appropriate Condo in Miami is hectic and draining bearing in mind the increase in new construction condo projects.


Each new project comes with its unique features such as a different developer, architectural design, interiors layouts, and location among others. The uniqueness of each project can pose challenges if not well understood. That is why we offer expert consultative services that will help you make the most informed decision on the best pre-construction condo.


Legal Advice


The legal and tax aspects are among the biggest hurdles that foreign investors face when investing in property. This is as a result of differences in the legal systems and some tax implications that come with foreign investments. If one fails to understand the system well, they may end up being derailed or embattled with legal proceedings.


Our experts have a good understanding of the American Law System and Roman law. We will advise you and help you turn the challenges into opportunities for a thriving investment. We will help you to take advantage of the tax incentives in the pre-construction thus manage the cost implication.


We will also help you incorporate an investment company if you need one. We will follow through all the legal processes of incorporating a company and ensure that we get you all the right documentation. This will put you in business within the shortest time possible.


Financing Options


At Floridadoc-Immobiliare, we understand that getting the right financing for real estate can be stressful. We have built strong partnerships with financial institutions that are willing to offer financing options to investors. We will link you up with them and help you pick the most suitable financing option for you. We will also help you open an account with a financial institution of your choice. 


Maximizing the Return on Your Investment


Our experts will help you maximize the return on your investments by developing a commercial strategy for your condo project. Our immense experience in the industry will guide us in getting your investment noticed by the right clients. We have developed trust with a wide range of clients locally and abroad. We will advertise your property to our prospective clients.


Buying a pre-construction in Miami is a lucrative venture that will guarantee great returns. We are the most trusted experts and are ready to help you. Contact us today for expert advice.

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