Now that you have decided on Miami for this real estate venture, you will need to navigate your way through the buying process. The pre-construction phase is crucial, as this is basically both the design and planning stages of the new construction. This is where the preliminary engineering services are utilized by construction companies well before building begins. At this juncture, potential issues will be identified, and projections will be made for the scope and timeline of the proposal. This initial planning includes cost analysis, site inspection, blueprints, scheduling and/or coordination of target dates at each level of project completion.

Because the pre-construction process is vital to the success of completion, it is imperative that the owner and contractor(s) have open communication, and a clear understanding of the needs warranted by the project. Completing the process based on the parameters outlined in the pre-construction phase is largely dependent upon reputable contractors and realistic expectations created during this state of development. This can be a bit overwhelming, and if not structured properly, can render a new owner unprepared for increased costs, architectural changes, delays, and unwanted aggravation.

Floridadoc offers expertise in the pre-construction buying process. We can assist you by providing multiple floor plans to create from, review availability options, project pricing, site selection, inspection, design planning, scope and scheduling, project management, as well as guide you throughout each stage of the buying process. We can even evaluate your options in terms of energy saving and green building opportunities.

When so much relies on the initial decisions being made, the wise choice is to consult with industry experts before committing to any particular contractor. There’s no room for doubt and uncertainty in pre-construction, small mistakes can easily snowball into unforeseen problems down the road. To get an idea of what our completed process can offer you, please visit our properties and contact us for your project consultation.

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