Miami has over the last few years become more than just the occasional vacation spot and has now morphed into a premier destination for people who are interested in luxury living. The Okan Tower in Miami is a tulip blossom inspired construction which is expected to rise over 70 stories and really take over the Miami skyline. It is located at the heart of downtown Miami and promises gorgeous ocean views and is set to provide residents with world-class living.


What does Okan Tower Offer?

The Okan Tower features a variety of amenities which have a Turkish inspiration. For those who will reside in the tower’s exclusive condos, the amenities will include a Turkish bath, a cigar room, gym, shared workspace, a resident movie theatre, and three swimming pools as well as a restaurant and a kid’s club.

The tower will also house the Hilton Hotels and Resorts which will also offer their unique range of services in their two hundred and ninety-three suites. The condo-hotel units come fully furnished with a different range starting from studio apartments to more spacious three bedrooms.


Why Okan Tower


The Okan Tower project is still in the early stages of development. That means that the market is at its prime for investors looking to enter the real estate market. The tower promises to bring in a lot of foreign investors especially from Europe because of the Okan brand’s strong reputation on the continent. As such, there is more motivation to invest and use it both as a second home and as a rental if you are not an American citizen.

Now that you are in the know, it is time to make your investment. It is often wise that you get into this project as early as in the pre-construction stage. Contact us today to help you make your next big investment in pre-construction within Miami’s vibrant market.

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