For those who are looking to make wise investments, Miami, Florida is a city with beautiful people, beautiful weather and a plethora of opportunities to invest in new developments in this beautiful southern city.  Locales like Miami Beach and Coconut Grove are just a few of the attractions that add to the personality and local color of Miami.  And with the booming economy for South Florida residents over the last few years, the lovely climate takes for a great investment opportunity based on the state’s embracing of retirees and those looking to leave the colder climates of Canada and New England states.

For those looking for Pre-construction homes, the Missoni Baia, 3900 Alton, and Monad Terrace in Miami Beach are just three listings of the twelve listings to learn more about for prospective property owners.  The Missoni Baia pre-construction property, which is located in Edgewater, Florida, has some impressive frontage — 200 feet worth — on Biscayne Bay in East Edgewater.  The Missoni Baia is a best-in-class work of architecture for many reasons. This fantastic property was designed by internationally acclaimed Hani Rashid of Asymptote Architecture.  OKO Group developed Missoni under the tutelage of Vladislav Doronin.  Mr. Doronin is one of Europe’s most successful building developers and provides his exquisite taste in building design to South Florida.

The Missoni is influenced by Minimalist art and spearheaded with very forward-thinking engineering. Some of the building’s features include 249 residences ranging from 776 to 3,788 square feet in size.  There are also 57 stories, modern design, and architecture, which maximizes the building’s natural light as well as exterior sculptural columns that are wrapped in aluminum, which bring unique framing elements to the Missoni.  Whether it is the Missoni or another quality property,  when considering pre-construction homes, new properties for sale, property management, financing or advice, FloridaDoc is a company to contact.  You can learn more by visiting our site here

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