In some ways, it’s great to buy a property in pre-construction because it gives you some time to wrap things up in the place where you are currently living and prepare to move. You can plan out everything you’re going to do in your new home. You can decide what you’re going to going to keep from your old home and what you’re going to throw. If you need to sell any of your furniture, you have time to find a buyer.

Overall, the process of moving into your new home can be quite time-consuming and difficult. Buying a property in pre-construction gives you the time you need to handle all the different parts of the process at your leisure.

Furniture: Keep, Sell or Throw?

Even if your property is not going to be ready for a year, you can still start preparing for your move. The first step is going to be going through everything you own and deciding what you want to keep and what you want to throw.

In terms of furniture, consider whether the furniture you have right now will fit into your new home. Is everything in your current home too big or too small for your new home? Has it all become a little ratty from overuse? In such cases, you might want to sell it or give it away.

But there are times when a lick of polish or changing the covers of your sofa might make it as good as new. These are all things to consider when you’re moving into a property in pre-construction.

Books, Clothes, Kitchen Utensils

You might also want to go through all your other things. Do you have books that you’ve collected over the years but never made time to read? There’s nothing wrong with piling up books if you think you’re actually going to make the time to read them. But you can also give these books away to your local bookstore and make space for new things that you might actually read. The same goes for kitchen utensils, clothes, shoes, handbags, linens etc.

Before you move into your new home in pre-construction, make sure you pare things down. This way, when the home is finally ready, you’ll have a minimum amount of things which will give your home a clean, spacious look.

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