Many people only focus on the disadvantages of buying a property in pre-construction. After all, they reason, you can’t even see the property. And who knows when it will get built. What if the builder takes much longer than they say they are going to take? What if the finished product doesn’t look like what you imagined at all? What if the neighborhood changes during the process of pre-construction? There are a lot of what-ifs that you can focus on. But keep in mind that there are also a lot of advantages.

  1. It’s Cheaper: It’s cheaper to buy a property when it is in pre-construction than when it has been built. You can get a substantial discount on the final price. Your real estate broker should be able to give you more information about this.
  2. You Get to Choose the Exact Apartment: If you’re buying an apartment in a building which is in pre-construction, you have more choices while it is in pre-construction. You’re getting in early. So you get to choose which floor you want to buy on and what view you want to have.
  3. You Can Suggest Changes: Since the property has not yet been constructed, you can even suggest some changes to the floor plan. For example, if you’d like one big bedroom instead of two small ones, that could be arranged, as long as there are no weight-bearing beams in the way.
  4. You Can Change the Windows: This is not to say that you can change your view. But it is possible to ask the builder to make the windows a little smaller or bigger, depending on your requirements.
  5. You Can Enclose Balconies: If the property has a balcony or a porch and you’d prefer to enclose it to make your living room bigger, you can ask the builder to make that change.
  6. You Can Make Changes to the Bathroom: Would you like a bigger tub? A smaller tub? No tub at all? Maybe you’d like a Jacuzzi? Or a bathroom with glass walls? When you buy in pre-construction, the builder can accommodate these changes.
  7. You Can Change the Flooring: You may or may not like the floors that your builder is putting in. You can ask this to be changed. Your floors can be hardwood, tiled or carpeted, depending on what you prefer.

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