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Midtown represents the districts of Wynwood and Edgewater, north of Downtown and south of the Design District. In 2005 the city started the project of Midtown Miami development, urban development on a large scale which included the construction of eight residential towers, a hotel, two parks and urban commercial district. Due to the financial collapse of 2007, only two residential buildings and two thirds of the commercial area were built. Midtown has grown rapidly and is home to the shopping area that simulates SOHO (New York) as well as being home to many local and foreign stores (such as Target, Guess, HomeGoods, Marshalls, SugareCane etc ..) and luxury apartments.

The Design District is located two miles north of Downtown, characterized by displays of furniture, art galleries, fashion boutiques and restaurants. It offers many services related to creativity. The area has been recently developed in the ’90s when local manufacturers have begun to revitalize it looking brand with prestigious tenants. It is currently a very “trendy area” and reference as a place to dine and shop.

Combined, both areas have become home to ‘Art Miami’, the art fair that takes place during the week of Art Basel (first week of December). It’s continued evolution and development make Midtown and the Design District interesting real-estate investment opportunities.


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